Making a difference in our world

This past weekend, people around the world thought about our environment first by participating in Earth Hour.  Worldwide, 187 countries and territories participated, which is the highest number to date. More than 3,000 landmarks switched off their lights and millions of individuals, businesses and organizations across seven continents stepped up to the challenge of changing climate change. 

Earth hourAt Pepper, a total of 209 participants saved 251 kWh. What does that mean? 

In just one hour, the impact of our collective effort was equivalent to:

  • 389 pounds of carbon dioxide not produced
  • 422 miles not driven by a passenger vehicle
  • 19.8 gallons of gasoline not consumed
  • 188 pounds of coal not burned

Click here to learn more about Pepper's efforts toward a healthier environment on our jobsites. 


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